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Reese's vintage inspired, round shape exudes an old-school cool feel. Crafted with exposed silver-toned rivet details for an understated, distinct look. 




  • Frame Colour: Amber Honey toned, Italian acetate
  • Lens Colour: Dark brown solid tint lenses.
  • Lens Type: Polarized, scratch resistant lenses for high optical clarity, glare reduction and 100% UV protection.
  • KAYTRAN logo on inside temple arm, and silver toned monogram at temple tip.
  • RX-able with prescription lenses.
  • Eyewear case, microfibre cloth & 1 year warranty included with each frame.
  • Measurements: 51-20-145


Model wearing Reese - amber honey in first and last photo.Models wearing Reese - fog (left) and amber honey (right) in second photo; 

Customer Reviews

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Joanne L
Love my Reese - Amber Honey - sunglasses!

These Reese sunglasses are great - their "Asian fit" style is exactly what I've needed! The fit is very comfortable and very importantly, no more "cheek marks" from ill-fitting glasses! Appreciated the "try on" option to see how'd they look on me before purchasing. Very quick delivery to California, USA. I will definitely be getting another pair from Kay Tran!

Love it!

It’s my second pairs from KayTran and still can’t say enough how great they fit!

Re: Great frames, cheap/ sub-par lenses. Highly disappointed!


Thank you for taking the time to respond do my honest review of you product. I would like to clarify a few things:

- I never disputed the quality of your frames, just the lenses. In fact, the staff where I’m getting my prescription lenses done said the frames were good.

- They didn’t know where I bought the sunglasses from or that I purchased 3 pairs. They only informed me of the cheaper lenses after getting them fitted for prescription lenses on the one pair I took it, so I doubt it is a malicious act.

Thank you for your information about triacetate cellulose polarized lenses but I decided to do my own extensive research to understand where both of you are coming from. I checked a range of sources and made an effort to look for information from not so obviously biased sources. My research found that the positive information for triacetate cellulose (TAC) polarized lenses were predominantly found on sunglasses selling businesses, which would obviously has a vested interest in singing the praises of TAC lenses.

Ultimately, the information against triacetate cellulose polarized lenses state that it is the cheaper alternative to polycarbonate polarized lenses, which likely is selected by a vendor to increase their profit margin. Additionally, my research found that TAC lenses are rated at 400UV protection, (and like you stated in your response), which means that they don’t block 100% of UV rays like PC lenses do; they only block UV rays with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers. In terms of long term eye health, 100% UV protection is always the best option.

Regarding your comments of the lack of curvature of the lenses, I can see where you’re coming from. But, I was actually saying that if you exam one pair of sunglasses, it is easy to notice the lack of uniformity and symmetry, that the thickness is not the same for both lenses, which is part of the reason why I was told the lenses on your sunglasses are often chosen by cheaper brands. That for an every day pair of sunglasses, it’s not good for your vision health in the long run.

Ultimately, in my review, I said that your frames were recommendable if one is already planning on getting prescriptions done. My main concern is about long-term eye health.

Thank you for your information and your time.

Hi there,

We're sad to hear you're disappointed with your frames. Our mission has always been to provide high quality eyewear at an accessible price point, and we truly feel we do that.

Our lenses do provide full UV protection. UV400 lenses are recommended by the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the CDC when choosing sunglasses. It's at the upper tier of UV protection and the term is used synonymously with 100% UV protection.

There will always be pros and cons to every type of lens. We currently do use Triacetate Cellulose as it is lightweight, has multiple layers for impact resistance, scratch resistance, full UV protection while providing high optical clarity and colour contrast.
Polycarbonate lenses can offer the same properties, but they are also more prone to scratches as they have low abrasion resistance.

We do hope you can still enjoy your frames with the prescriptions put in!

happy holidays


Hi Sora

We take pride in the quality of our frames. We use premium Mazzuchelli acetate to build our frames, and the lenses are triacetate cellulose polarized lenses. These lenses are used in many familiar premium brands for sunwear including kids and active sunwear that are household names (sometimes the specificity of it isn't built into their product descriptions).They are designed through a unique process that makes them lightweight for wear, provides high optical clarity, 100 %/ UV400 protection, glare reduction and are made with a unique process with several layers providing scratch resistance, polarization and impact resistance. Many of the frames you find at discount stores are made with injection plastic (making them very brittle) and the lenses are regular plastic with a thin layer of UV protective film on top. The curvature of our lenses are less curved because one of the unique properties of our frames is less of a curve in the frame front so that the frames doesn't hit the cheeks etc.

This is the first we've ever heard of a store commenting on our lenses in this way. However unfortunately many optical stores often have negative feelings towards frames purchased online because of its impact on their business. Not saying that's the case here but it's something that is unfortunately quite common in the industry.

We are happy to discuss further if you'd like.
If you ever want to contact us in the future, please do use the contact us form link on our page which sends a direct email to us!

Thanks for taking the time to write to us.