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Low Nose Bridge? We've Got You Covered


Have you always struggled to find eyewear that doesn’t constantly slip down your nose, sit on your cheeks or lift off your face when smiling? If so, you probably are in need of our Lifted Fit Frames, designed for a Low Bridge Fit and Asian Fit. 


Our Lifted Fit Frames are uniquely designed to fit those with low or petite nose bridges, higher cheekbones or those with wider faces around the cheek area. These features are common in Asian facial features, but also span across many different individuals with diverse backgrounds; so at KayTran Eyewear we developed our own Lifted Fit Frames. 


Lens curve reductions, elevated nose pads and widened temple angles combine to give you eyewear that actually fits, looks good and gives you all-day comfort. 


Bonus? This means zero slippage down your nose + zero resting on your cheeks so you can dance and smile all you want. 


You can finally say goodbye to frame slippage forever. 


A flatter frame and lens curve prevents the front of the frame from resting on your cheeks or suctioning around the side, giving you 100% smile worthy eyewear. 

A narrowed bridge and elevated nose pads allow the frame to rest securely, higher on your nose bridge. Your days of frame slippage are finally behind you.  

Widened angles between the temple arms (which wrap around your ears) and the front of the frame ensure the bottom of your sunglasses don’t rest on your cheeks, leaving indents and marks. Listen, we love a cute dimple, just not when they’re unintended.