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KayTran Eyewear was founded in 2012 by Canadian, Kathy Tran-Riese, with the goal of making eyewear more inclusive. 

It started with simple beliefs: One size has never fit all and every face is unique, deserving of a great frame.  She had a goal to make eyewear more inclusive for individuals with low nose bridges, including herself as an Asian female. 

What started as solely an Asian Fit eyewear line, soon evolved to include many others who shared this common fit dilemma from generic, mainstream eyewear.

We were fed up with wearing generic-fitting sunglasses made for more Westernized, prominent nose bridges that:


1. Slipped down our lower nose bridges with every small movement.
2. Sat on our cheekbones.
3. Left embarrassing red indents on our cheeks.


Fresh out of completing her MBA, she realized she couldn't passively sit by until someone else fixed it, so she took it into her own hands. What began as an endless quest to find eyewear that solved these fit issues, soon turned into a 2-year journey of meticulous research and design to create a new, perfect low bridge fit frame in wearable, timeless designs.  


Today, we are an independent, Canadian company and are committed to:
• Creating curated collections of wearable, timeless frames.
• Handfinishing each frame with high grade and quality materials. 
• Bringing a Lifted Fit into eyewear that is inclusive for low nose bridges for both Asians and others across all diverse backgrounds.