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Who are your Lifted Fit Frames for?

Our Lifted Fit Frames are designed for anyone with any of the following facial features:

  • low or petite or narrow nose bridges,
  • higher cheekbones, or
  • wider faces around the cheek bone area.

If you have any one of the above facial features, our Lifted Fit Frames should work for you! Our fit is specially designed to prevent frames from slipping down your nose or sitting on your cheeks - common fit dilemmas for those with these facial features.


What's behind your Lifted Fit Frames? 

Kathy Tran-Riese founded the company in 2012 as an Asian Fit eyewear line because Asian facial features, including her own, commonly have the above, particularly the lower nose bridge. However, over the years we've learned these features span across many other individuals across diverse backgrounds, so have evolved it to be Lifted Fit inclusive of others. The unique fit and design elements are the same, we’ve just expanded it to people of all diverse backgrounds. 

We want you to embrace and love the way you look. We've always had the strong belief of making eyewear inclusive. Every face is uniquely beautiful and deserving of a great frame with a great fit, no matter what your background is. Frames should never slide down your nose, sit on your cheeks or suction themselves to your face. You shouldn’t have to settle for frames that are meant for mainstream prominent nose bridges just because that’s what the norm is. 


What are your frames made of?

We use high grade cellulose acetate and metals in our frames. Cellulose acetate is  derived from plants (cotton and wood pulp). It's made from tough fibres, and is one of the strongest materials you can use to make eyewear frames. Acetate frames hold their shape over time. This gives you sturdy and durable frames that are designed to last

Bonus, acetate is hypoallergenic, which is great for those with sensitive skin. 


What are your lenses made of?

Our lenses are either made of Polarized lenses or Zeiss CR39 lenses. Both are scratch resistant, durable, impact resistant and have maximum optical clarity. Not to mention, giving you 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays. However, Polarized lenses will also provide glare reduction. 


Do you offer prescription lenses?

We strongly believe that prescription lenses should be properly fitted by a licensed optician. So, at KayTran Eyewear, we do not provide a service to fit your frames with prescription lenses. The frames you purchase from us are all non-prescription lenses.


Don't worry though! All our frames are RX-able, meaning you can take them to your local optician to have the lenses replaced with your unique prescription.